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The Apprenticeship Programme 


Each part consists of essentially practical components and includes three journeys or ceremonies as well as practical experience in application of knowledge gained.


Parts 1 & 2 must be booked together.


As this is an Apprenticeship programme, there is, on request, some flexibility of content to accommodate specific interests.

Part One     Introduction to Shamanism Journeying and Meeting Your Guides


Part Two     Journeying and Ancestral karma. Strengthening your connection 

                         with your Guides


Part Three  The Medicine Wheel Part One


Part Four    The Medicine Wheel Part Two


Part Five     Light Bodies and Working with Healing Energy


Part Six       Divination & The Shaman's Mask


Part Seven   Journeying on behalf of others Part One


Part Eight     Journeying on behalf of others Part Two


Part Nine      Colour & Sound in Shamanic Work


Part Ten       Crystals and their contribution to Shamanic Healing


Part Eleven  Flower and Animal Essences and their contribution to Shamanic   



Part Twelve  Assessment Module

This assessment consists of a demonstration of specific methods of shamanic practice. Successful completion of this demonstration allows the student the option of continuing on to the Advanced Course.

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