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Polycontrast Interference Photography

Does Healing Work?


Having been passionate advocates for the benefits of Healing Therapies for over twenty years, we are delighted that now we can show you proof.




PIP is an optical digital process by which light interference is registered on and around a human subject. The flow of energy is interpreted by PIP as colour, hue and pattern changes, which to the trained eye can then be used to assess the well being of that person.

The purpose of PIP is threefold :-


It provides the Therapist with a visual presentation of the client's state of health. So with the client's own input plus PIP it will provide evidence of the symptoms and cause of their disease.

Before Treatment - It provides the client with confirmation/explanation of their disease.

After Treatment -It provides a visual confirmation of the changes made within their system, and the ability to see the improvements made.

             Photo A –Showing the energies                    Photo B – Showing the energies

                     before receiving treatment                                  after treatment.


                    Solar Plexus split due to                               Rebalance of energies.

                          long term stress                                   Green shows harmony.


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