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Description An Angel - in your pocket with pouch Relaxation CD - with Anne-Mari Clarke

COST: £3.25  

     + p&p  £1.00

Total: £4.25

or 4 for £12 + £1.50

Total £13.50

COST: £10.00 inclusive of p&p 

Total:  £10.00

or 3 for £25 inc


4 different Angels: Peace, Love, Hope and Faith. Each has the name on the back and is holding a different symbol, pouch included

Please state which one/s you require.

A complete meditation spoken by Anne-Mari. Total time 18mins approx  


Purchase Details: Post a cheque (payable to Anne-Mari Clarke) for the full amount and post to AMC-Lifeskills, address below


For further details or confirmation of order email


  AMC-LIFESKILLS Anne-Mari Clarke. 61, Granville Road, Oxted, Surrey. RH8 0BY
Tel: 01883 715977

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