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Personal Readings are available through direct contact with Anne-Mari's Inner Plane Guides led by Running Wolf. If preferred, card readings are available including Tarot and Animal Spirit Guides

Other Services

Mediumship Training All aspects of Mediumship are developed for personal growth and career enhancement. Opportunities are available to help serious practitioners make the transition between 'Amateur' and 'Professional'.

Flower Essence Reading More than just a reading! A three week treatment bottle is included. Flower Essences are a safe and effective Therapy which rebalance the body by harmonizing negative feelings and belief patterns held in the subconscious mind.

Soul Retrieval Do you feel fragmented, 'not all there', have memory gaps, have been traumatised or are chronically ill? These are indicators that part of your essential 'soul energy' has been lost and can be reclaimed through this ancient Shamanic Practice.

Shamanism Journey into non-ordinary Reality to meet your Power Animals and Guides in Human Form

House Cleansing and Balancing Since moving to your home or business premises have things kept going wrong? Are you aware of inexplicable things happening? Cleansing and rebalancing the energy of your home can have dramatic effects on health, relationships and finances.



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